Works of Wine

In 2016 PMG decided to become a main sponsor at The Food & Wine Festival in Miami Beach. They wanted to introduce there brand in a big way and expose visitors of the event to there unique building. To get visitors interested in coming inside The PMG booth we wanted to create something unique and interactive. Taking the theme of wine and PMGs love for art and architecture we created a bespoke experience that would combine these elements. Works of wine allowed people to create custom art work with a wine and gauche mixture. This mixture was dropped onto paper with hydrophobic ink patterns to create one of a kind pieces for visitors to take with them. Every piece was recorded and sent to the creator via email and social networks afterwards.

This exhibit proved successful creating lines around the booth just to participate in this unique experience. After people did the experience they were introduced to PMG sales associates to showcase there buildings via VR technology.


Design Methodology

The process to create something truly unique is always a bit daunting.  Sometimes we pitch some crazy things, but when the client says yes - reality sets in to figure it out.   And in a short amount of time - we had alot of figure out.  

First we had to figure out how people would create beautiful pieces while maybe not being artists.  We created a series of geometric designs and then printed them on to canvases with hydrophobic ink.  So when people put their creation on, it would only affect the place where the design wasn't applied.

We had to figure everything from the right mixture of guache and paint to the height at which the mixture should be dropped at.   From the rapid drying process to the recording of the event in real time so people could share their videos immediately after they created their WoW.