Grey Goose

We used outdoor placements across the country to tap into local stories of Millennial urban influence. These bespoke boards complemented a series of product-led placements that told the brand’s story of intrinsic quality—and together, they imbued the Fly Beyond story with a new level of meaning for our target.

Outside the Wynwood Walls of Miami, we told a story about the collective artists who shared a vision to transform a desolate part of town into an outdoor arts district. By the entrance of the High Line in Manhattan, we celebrated the unconventional vision which revitalized a set of otherwise abandoned train tracks.

Within view of the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, we tapped into a universal story that captures what it means to succeed against all odds in Los Angeles.

For each city, the campaign was now being expressed in a way that felt more intimate than obvious—understanding what stories in each area (and on specific city blocks) would resonate with locals and Millennials.



Creativity Awards - Bronze